ASB Victim Focus Group Recruitment- We want to hear from you!

We would like to add to our existing Victim Focus Group, to help us with our work by giving us your perspective on many topics within the ASB field. Have you been a victim of Anti Social Behaviour? Do you have personal experience of the Community Trigger Process? We want to hear from you! We […]

‘Nail That Communication’- Building Work Advice

With an increase of enquiries relating to domestic building work coming through to us recently, we thought it may be worth sharing a blog with some advice and information for both victims and those looking to/ already carrying out building work on their homes and/or other buildings in residential areas. Please consider that building work […]

North-East Threshold Confusion

Earlier this year I visited Middlesbrough and gave a training on the Community Trigger to a few agencies through a Resolve ASB regional meeting.  There I learned something rather interesting … and also extremely concerning. One of the delegates told me that in their local area when a Community Trigger is raised, and it relates […]

Rising Voices in Parliament

What was an occasional question about anti-social behaviour is becoming something of a groundswell of voices as more and more MPs express their concerns. Just in the past week or so debates and questions keep on coming and start to bring into the forefront some of the underlying failings. These are: the impact of cuts […]

Housing Associations and the Community Trigger

Much of our work on the Community Trigger has focused on councils and police, mainly because they represent the lead agency across England and Wales.  However, housing associations are a key player in Community Safety and named as one of the relevant bodies in the Community Trigger legislation.  What are housing associations doing to promote […]


Agencies Ignore Victims of Anti-Social Behaviour at their Peril Legislation is ignored and victims of anti-social behaviour continue to be held at arm’s length, a new report finds. Work undertaken by charity ASB Help identifies numerous failing with the Community Trigger, also called the ASB Case Review, introduced as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime […]

The First National Voice for Victims of Anti-Social Behaviour

Press Release: The First National Voice for Victims of Anti-Social Behaviour It’s High Time Victims of Anti-social Behaviour received help to know their rights and get results. ASB Help has launched what it believes to be the first national charity focused on providing information and advice to victims of anti-social behaviour. Motivated by the tragedy […]