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ASB Help is a small charity who offer advice to victims of ASB, as well as to practitioners in the field. Our team is built up of a group of practitioners with years of experience in the field of ASB, including Police, Housing, Community Safety and Victim Support. (If you would like to read more about our team, please visit our ‘Meet the Team‘ page.) Please note, that we do not have jurisdiction over Local Agencies, are not able to get involved in individual cases and cannot give legal advice in relation to ASB cases.

Our website focuses on signposting you to the right organisations and advising you on the approach to take with them.  If you need assistance in finding the information you need on our website, or if you feel that you need some further detailed advice, then please complete the relevant form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

*Please note: that although we promote the use of the ASB Case Review, this is NOT the way to activate a ASB Case Review – to do that, you need to do it locally.  To find your Local Authority’s ASB Case Review process, check out our Directory.*

Before you complete and submit the form to us, please consider whether you have completed the following options:

  • Have you reported the ASB to the ASB/Community Safety Team at your Local Authority, Housing Association, Police or any other Housing Provider? If not, then please direct your complaints of ASB to them in the first instance, as they will need to investigate the ASB before we can advise further.
  • If you have reported 3 incidents (or more) within a 6 month period, have you activated the ASB Case Review through your Local Authority? 

If you are a victim and you have exhausted the above options and you need some further advice, then please complete the following form:

Victim & Public Enquiry Form

If you are a practitioner/other professional, and wish to get in contact with us for advice on a case, a training enquiry or media enquiry, please complete the following form:

Practitioner & Other Professionals Form

If you are a victim and would like to call someone for emotional support, we would recommend the following helplines:

Victim Support – which assures us they take calls from victims of anti-social behaviour, not just crime (as stated on their website).  You can request support online, through your nearest Victim Support team, by email or phone (0808 1689 111)

Supportline  – a confidential telephone helpline (01708 765200) offering emotional support on a range of topics, including anti-social behaviour.

Samaritans – a 24 hour free helpline (116 123) to talk about anything that is troubling you, in particular if you are suffering with mental health and/or thoughts of suicide.

For more local, emotional support, please take a look at our Victim Services Directory.