Is anti-social behaviour ruining your life? Feel like no one's listening to you? Are you scared and not sure what to do? Are you determined to get results? Don't suffer in silence. Act now!

Are you suffering with noisy neighbours? Are people making your life a nightmare because of their behaviour? Are you unsure where to turn? Or have you reported it and no one seems to be listening?

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A new report, “Anti-Social Behaviour: Living a Nightmare” released by the Victims Commissioner, in partnership with ASB Help

A step in the right direction to tackle stalking within the United Kingdom

Agencies Ignore Victims of Anti-Social Behaviour at their Peril

Your Stories

"We have approached them many times to try to resolve our issues, but it usually reverts to its original form. Recently we told them we have had enough and that unless it stops,  we will approach the authorities."

"If you do report it to Environmental Health/Police do not expect things to happen quickly. Expect to be in it for the 'long haul'"

"Do not underestimate the subtle effect this awful behaviour can have on you.  Be prepared to be brushed off by agencies ... be prepared for them to doubt you."

The residents have been told that because the group are all about 10 years old their hands are tied.

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About us

ASB Help is a registered charity in England and Wales set up to provide advice and support to victims of anti-social behaviour. Dedicated to the memory of Fiona Pilkington who in 2007 killed herself and her 18 year old disabled daughter Francecca after agencies failed to investigate her complaints to them about harassment, ASB Help believes there is still a clear need for coordinated information and advice that is readily accessible to those who need it.