Is anti-social behaviour ruining your life?

Are you scared and not sure what to do?

Don't suffer in silence..get help and advice!

Is anti-social behaviour ruining your life?

Are you scared and not sure what to do?

Don't suffer in silence..get help and advice!

Effective support for
anti-social behaviour victims

ASB Help is a registered charity in England and Wales set up to provide advice and support to victims of anti-social behaviour.

ASB Help aims to provide information and advice to interested parties and members of the public involved with and suffering from anti-social behaviour. We believe there is a clear need for coordinated information and advice that is readily accessible to those who need it.

Our website focuses on equipping victims of anti-social behaviour with the necessary tools to effectively report it…

Important: The ‘ASB Case Review’ is now known as the ‘ASB Case Review’.

Have You:


Help and Support

How are you coping?

Anti-social behaviour can take over your life. It can also last for a long time and you may need some help to cope with that.
Don’t let it take control of you.
We believe the most common emotions that victims of anti-social behaviour experience are fear, frustration and fury:

Take Action

The police, local authority and housing association can only act if you report a problem to them. Don’t suffer in silence.
If you report it, you might stop the same problem happening again.

ASB Case Review

You may feel like you have nowhere to turn for help.  You may have reported the anti-social behaviour but no-one seems to be doing anything and no-one is listening.  The ASB Case Review has been designed for you.

If you (or others) have reported an incident 3 or more times within a 6 month period and not received a satisfactory response, you can activate the ASB Case Review (also known historically as the ASB Case Review) through your Local Authority.  This has been designed to give you, the victim, the right to demand that agencies deal with persistent anti-social behaviour.

Act Now!

Use our Interactive Guide to help you report anti-social behaviour to the right agency in the right way.

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