In it for the long haul

“If you do report it to Environmental Health/Police do not expect things to happen quickly. Expect to be in it for the ‘long haul’” ‘James’, South Yorkshire ‘James’ and other neighbours are subject to a catalogue of anti-social behaviour. There is loud music and DIY noise. The gardens and property are untidy because of hoarding. […]

Prisoner in own flat

I have lived in a darkened flat for 2 years now. It takes a phenomenal effort to get out even to the local shops. David, London David has experienced years of anti-social behaviour, of huge variety from loud music to problems with dogs, fireworks being set off late at night and having his door kicked […]

Tired and frustrated at lack of Support

“Discovering that no authority had the right to enter the property and turn off the music which had been left playing was extremely shocking and demoralising. If you cannot find respite from the world at home where does that leave you?” JA, Leicester JA  owns his house but it soon became a place where could no […]