How it Affects Me

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) can affect every area of your life especially when you live next-door to it.

When you report the ASB you need to clearly describe the impact it is having on your life.  The more you can spell out how it is affecting your quality of life and your daily routine the more notice local agencies are going to take.


Recently a victim asked me to take a look at their Community Trigger application.  They had summarised in just one sentence the fact that they had needed to move into different rooms to try and reduce the impact of the noise from the neighbour.  My advice was to really spell out the impact.

The application mentioned disturbed sleep.  I advised them to expand on how this affected their work as well as general health.  They had a son studying for exams which was also definitely worth emphasising.

How is the Behaviour Affecting You?

Noise can simply be a nuisance, and council officers know that.  Yet noise (and any anti-social behaviour) can also be so much more, impacting on health, employment, education, emotional wellbeing and relationships.  A police officer told me recently about a victim who is on their final warning at work because the ASB is impacting on their ability to do their job.

So when reporting an incident of anti-social behaviour, and especially a Community Trigger application, ask yourself:

  • How has this behaviour affected by quality of life?
  • How is it impacting on my health?
  • Is it interfering with my work or my education?
  • How has this behaviour impacted on my daily routine?
  • How do I feel each day or each time it happens?
  • Has it negatively impacted on my family or friends, for example meaning I cannot have people round to visit?

These questions should help you draw out all the ways you are being affected and the harm caused.

Be specific.  Spell it out and do not let agencies belittle what is happening to you.