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Petition to Parliament

Do we sometimes underestimate the power of a local petition?

We have a page dedicated to tips for putting together a petition – http://asbhelp.co.uk/petition/ – because we believe they can be effective. It is a tangible way to make your individual voice louder and insist action is taken.

Of course if 5 of you have complained about an incident of anti-social behaviour and no-one is doing anything about it, you can activate the Community Trigger. In fact you should – insist on a case review and get results.

However, it would seem this Community Trigger is not always matching up to expectations (http://asbhelp.co.uk/trigger-thoughts/) so don’t forget to try a good old-fashioned petition.

This week I read that such a petition was being brought before Parliament by a supportive local MP:

Photo of Keith VazKeith Vaz Chair, Home Affairs Committee 6:39 pm, 25th November 2015

I am presenting a petition signed by 256 local residents. The petition was collected by volunteers, including Pradip Dullabh, Bindu Dullabh and Sanjeev Sharma from the local area, together with local councillors Riata Patel, Ross Willmott and Piara Clair and other local residents.

The petition states:

The petition of residents of Leicester, East:

Declares that urgent steps need to be taken to stop the antisocial behaviour, attacks and robberies by groups of young people on users and nearby residents of Rushey Fields Park in Leicester, and further that it is the only green space in the area and this kind of behaviour is discouraging people who are concerned for their safety and welfare from using the park.

The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges Leicester City Council to put CCTV security measures in place and increase police patrols to discourage antisocial behaviour, robberies and attacks on park users and nearby residents.

And the petitioners remain, etc.

So, do not lose hope. Collect your petition and believe that even if your local agency dares to ignore it, you can take it higher. I hope that Leicester City Council will indeed listen to the House of Commons and act. To not do so would be at great detriment to the public voice.

Effective Petition

“We have suffered 12 months of harassment and distress because of the behaviour of young people on this park” Matthew Williams, Wolverhampton

Residents living on the Duke Park Estate in Bilston presented a petition with 85 signatures to Wolverhampton City Council asking for a local play area to be removed after 12 months of harassment and distress since it was installed.. The council and police have taken notice of the strength of feeling against the playground. They do not want to close it, but rather address the anti-social behaviour. They suggested a 12 month probation period to tackle the problems – but again, the residents made their voices heard. After hearing the extent of residents’ distress, the authorities reduced the probation period to just six months.

Matthew Williams, who lives on the estate, handed in the petition before outlining it to council bosses. He said: “We have suffered 12 months of harassment and distress because of the behaviour of young people on this park. “They are drinking, shouting, setting fire to vehicles, drawing pornographic imagery on children’s play equipment and riding motor bikes just a few yards away from our homes. “I think calling this anti-social behaviour isn’t an accurate description, it is criminal behaviour. “The park simply has to go, there was no trouble there before and since it has been built we have had nothing but trouble.”   So residents have been heard to a point, and by the end of 6 months the problems should have been stopped and the play area available to young children, or it will need to be closed down as residents hope.

[Source: http://www.expressandstar.com/news/2015/04/29/wolverhampton-playground-plagued-by-crime-given-six-months-for-trouble-to-be-irradicated/]