Fly Tipping: What You Should Know About This Environmental Offence

At first glance, fly tipping may not seem as problematic as getting harassed by your landlord or living with incredibly noisy neighbours. But, if you look closer, you’ll see that it’s actually a serious environmental crime that can lead to several consequences. For one thing, it can pollute the air, land, and water (particularly if […]

Our Hands are Tied

The residents have been told that because the group are all about 10 years old their hands are tied. A large group of around ten children ageing from 8-12 have been climbing into people’s gardens, removing children’s toys/bikes and dumping them on the road and the cricket pitch in a Devonshire town. They climb over […]

Parking Angst

“Vandalism started a year ago after a parking dispute with neighbours who live across the road from me and have several vehicles of their own.” 52 year old woman, living alone. A 52 year old woman living on her own has told her story of how a parking dispute has escalated out of hand. She has […]