Letting Agent Denial

“Only after 18 months and one suicide attempt did the National Association of Property Professionals take action against the tenants and letting agency.” Mark, Kent Mark has suffered a huge variety of anti-social behaviour from his neighbours including loud music and other household noise at an inappropriate volume and time of day, drinking alcohol on […]

Fiona Pilkington

Police failed to investigate her 33 complaints of harassment. Such failings contributed to her death when she gave up on getting help and killed herself and her 18 year old disabled daughter by setting their car on fire. With reference to Fiona Pilkington, Leicestershire Fiona Pilkington from Leicester killed herself and her 18 year old […]

Unbearable fumes and chainsawing

“It has affected our marriage but we cannot afford to move. I have contemplated suicide as feel my life is worth nothing.” ‘Lisa’ in Wiltshire ‘Lisa’ and her husband own their house but have been subject to constant, unbearable anti-social behaviour in the past 4 years that has affected their health and their marriage. The […]