Services in Specialised Sectors

Fire and Rescue Services

Many services have community safety units – contact your Community Safety Partnership to find out how the service in your area can help.  See here for a list of the Community Safety Partnerships:

More information about fire and rescue services is available here:

Health Services

Anti-social behaviour can affect a person’s physical and mental health. Neighbourhoods with high crime and disorder rates have correspondingly high health needs.

Health services have a role to play in tackling anti-social behaviour at a strategic level – for example in analysing admissions to accident and emergency departments to determine alcohol fuelled violence hotspots – and at a local level – providing health care for victims, witnesses and perpetrators of anti-social behaviour.

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)

This is an elected representative charged with securing efficient and effective policing of a police area in England and Wales. The first incumbents were elected on 15 November 2012.  There is no PCC for London, instead covered by the Metropolitan Police Service and the City of London Police.  The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners is the national body that supports the PCCs.


The country is divided into constituencies, each served by an elected MP (Member of Parliament).  In terms of anti-social behaviour, MPs can only help with those matters for which Parliament or central government is responsible, for example the law.  At a local level, for example problems in your community or issues with your local Council, it is the elected Councillor for your area that is in the best position to help you and exert influence.  See your Council website for information on who your local Councillor is and how to contact them.  Your local library will also have this information.

Transport Providers

Rail networks, bus companies, and taxi or mini-cab firms all have a role to play in tackling anti-social behaviour. People who use public transport want safe, clean, and reliable services. If anti-social behaviour such as vandalism, criminal damage, graffiti or drunk and rowdy passengers occurs, people will not want to use these services.

Transport providers can help reduce anti-social behaviour by: