Feel like you’re about to explode? Feel like you want to take things into your own hands? Feel ill you’re so angry?

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion, but how you manage it in situations involving anti-social behaviour is very important – it can mean the difference between being seen as an innocent victim or being accused of anti-social behaviour yourself.

High blood pressure, depression, anxiety, digestive problems, heart attacks and colds or flu are all ways that anger might affect your health if it’s not dealt with constructively.  These symptoms may add to the misery of the ASB you are experiencing so here are some helpful tips if you find yourself in a difficult situation:

Managing anger in the long term

If the ASB is ongoing and a resolution isn’t imminent, you may find these ways of controlling anger useful.

Getting help with anger

If you feel you need help dealing with your anger, you could see your GP as there might be anger management courses or counselling that could help you.

How are you coping?