This is the ASB Help PLEDGE for local agencies signing up to the Community Trigger:


1. Promote awareness: Actively encourage the use of the community trigger to residents and partner agencies.
2. Legality: Confirm your organisation is legally compliant and embracing the spirit of the community trigger.
3. Ensure accessibility: Publicise the community trigger so the most vulnerable know what it is and how to invoke it.
4. Develop your process: Embrace the full potential of the community trigger by continually reviewing and learning from best practice.
5. Generate inclusivity: Use community trigger review meetings to work collaboratively and strategically, formulating solutions to end the anti-social behaviour.
6. Establish a precedent of using the community trigger to put victims first and deter perpetrators.

Following a successful pilot of the ASB Help Pledge, we welcome interested organisations to take a look at what the Pledge is and how subscribing to it will show your commitment to victims of anti-social behaviour. Please get in touch if you would like to be part of the ASB Help Pledge or you would like to receive further information about it.


A print out, PDF version of both the Pledge and the FAQ’s can be found here: The ASB Help Pledge