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Housing Association failure

Every organisation has been helpful but not my landlords.” Edward, Essex

Noise which has turned into harassment is pushing Edward into deep despair. He shares of his feelings of frustration, unhappiness, mistrust, helplessness, anger and loneliness which is with him every day. Add to that tiredness – the mental and physical fatigue with the anti-social behaviour itself as well as with the lack of answers to solve the problem.

What started as slamming fire doors has developed to his neighbours making intimidating war cries when he turns his TV or kettle on, cheering when he leaves the house and giggling when a drill was turned on at 1:30am.

Edward has turned to his Housing Association to get results and has been met with sheer incompetence and apathy. They have lost a diary he submitted last year, say they will visit the neighbour but do not, and say that they have visited Edward but he was there and heard no knock, and in any case they could have pressed the buzzer instead. They have been obstructive at every turn.

It sounds like the landlord isn’t too bothered to really investigate the situation. Edward sums it up: “every organisation has been helpful but not my landlords.”

Edward now listens to his TV with headphones or subtitles and goes out to the library or anywhere but home.

Our Analysis

This is clearly wrong. Edward is in deep despair but the Housing Association has shown a complete failure to act. The victim is being ignored, fobbed off, probably because they know intervention will create a lot of work. That is NOT a reason not to act.

We would definitely recommend that Edward activate the Community Trigger. By activating this multi-agency case review, we would expect to find the Council and Police making strong recommendations to the Housing Association to address this anti-social behaviour and bring much-needed respite to Edward.

Don’t Bite Back

“Just keep at it and keep reporting it. I don’t bite or get involved. They can shout and threaten me but I don’t react to it, just report it when I get in.” ‘John’, Sheffield

‘John’ bought his first floor flat because it was for over 55s and very quiet. However, the flat below is rented out by a Housing Association to a young girl with partner and child. She has taken over the communal garden as her own and has a number of visitors to the property and with it loud music and loud talking.

John and his partner have had a number of difficult tenants as neighbours in that house, including one who decided to have a cannabis farm and one whose baby was put on the ‘at risk’ register. It would seem the Housing Association is rather inept in their choice of tenants!

They don’t want to move, nor feel they should have to. It was lovely and quiet and the neighbours did look after each other until the problems began. Most of the older people are scared to say anything. He counts to 10 and takes deep breaths to keep calm before he leaves for work and again on his way home. Once home, he doesn’t go out again.

John’s actions and advice to other victims are both excellent:

Just keep at it and keep reporting it. I don’t bite or get involved. They can shout and threaten me but I don’t react to it, just report it when I get in. Depending on how severe it is either the police or the Housing Association.

We would also recommend activating the Community Trigger if the Housing Association refuses to act.