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"We have approached them many times to try to resolve our issues, but it usually reverts to its original form. Recently we told them we have had enough and that unless it stops,  we will approach the authorities."

"If you do report it to Environmental Health/Police do not expect things to happen quickly. Expect to be in it for the 'long haul'"

"Do not underestimate the subtle effect this awful behaviour can have on you.  Be prepared to be brushed off by agencies ... be prepared for them to doubt you."

The residents have been told that because the group are all about 10 years old their hands are tied.

"For the last two and a half years I have been subject to excessive noise.  The Council have told me they cannot help." '

"Just keep at it and keep reporting it. I don't bite or get involved. They can shout and threaten me but I don't react to it, just report it when I get in."

"Can't really have visitors as its so invasive. Has impacted my mental health and made me feel unable to enjoy my new home."

"The Council has said they can get audio recording equipment into my flat BUT they would have to ask the perpetrators first for their agreement which I am not comfortable with."

"My best advice is to move away from them ... 5 families from this road sold up when this problem family moved in"

"By writing my story I am hoping that this will bring to light Anti- Social Behaviour and the effects this can have on people - we should not live in fear."

"There very soon comes a time in stalking/harassment crime when SOMEONE has to do SOMETHING PRACTICAL to intervene.  Only they don't."

"Since we have come together as a community and  all complained every time something happens the authorities are taking notice."

"The Housing Association will drag its feet as long as it can and pay lip service to wonderful policies it has put in place."

The whole complaints process feels broken and ineffective. There seems very little help or real guidance or mediation.
It's soul destroying. Neighbours of a Primary School in South Yorkshire

Police failed to investigate her 33 complaints of harassment.  Such failings contributed to her death when she gave up on getting help and killed herself and her 18 year old disabled daughter by setting their car on fire.

"We have suffered 12 months of harassment and distress because of the behaviour of young people on this park"

We are in our 80s and strongly feel old age contributes to non action by the Local Authority.

My health has deteriorated, we cannot enjoy our home, do not invite friends or family to visit, nor am I able to do my job as effectively as I should because I am always tired. We no longer trust the authorities.

"Discovering that no authority had the right to enter the property and turn of the music which had been left playing was extremely shocking and demoralising. If you cannot find respite from the world at home where does that leave you?"

I am unsure how to deal with it as it will be there each time I get home.

Beware counter-claims 'Craig' of Bristol

"The council are long in words and short in action. The Police promise to assist but don't seem to follow things through to produce a satisfactory outcome to a complaint of anti social behaviour."

"Never, never give up fighting. Previous neighbours from Hell who owned their property ... took fifteen years, but we won."   Pepper

"Never, never give up fighting. Previous neighbours from Hell who owned their property ... took fifteen years, but we won."

"It has affected our marriage but we cannot afford to move. I have contemplated suicide as feel my life is worth nothing."

I have lived in a darkened flat for 2 years now.  It takes a phenomenal effort to get out even to the local shops.

The anti-social behaviour team was useless.  They just kept visiting and asking the person to stop making noise.  They didn’t seem to know what they were doing.

Never give up and stand up to the people that make your life hell.

During initial investigations and door to door enquiries made by partner agencies, most residents felt too intimidated or frightened to formally report incidents.

We have generally made a real nuisance of ourselves to the authorities but it seems to be the only way to get noticed.