What is anti-social behaviour?

Here are some different definitions of anti-social behaviour:

Remember, you can experience anti-social behaviour in many different places:

All these are covered by the links below.  If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour in your shop or business, please see here for our guidance.

Some types of anti-social behaviour can be resolved yourself or with some help from friends and neighbours.  Other types should be reported to the appropriate agency (see here for our who’s who of the agencies involved in anti-social behaviour).  Our ‘Act Now!’ Interactive Guide will take you through some questions to help you report it to the right agency in the right way.

It is easier to explain what anti-social behaviour is by looking at the most common types.

Noisy Neighbours and Other Noise

By far the most common form of anti-social behaviour involves disputes with neighbours over noise.  Within the ´other noise´ category: construction noise, music from pubs and barking dogs.

Drunk and Disorderly/Other Crime and Disorder

Another common complaint involves issues of people on the streets causing disorder, often alcohol related.  Within this category: gangs, drugs and vehicle nuisance.


Covering a wide range of behaviour that is directed at a particular person such a violence, intimidation and hoax calls.

Graffiti, Vandalism and Environmental Offences

Including litter, fly-posting and dog fouling.

Let’s be Reasonable

It´s always good to step back from the situation and ask yourself “Am I being reasonable?  Is this really anti-social behaviour?  Could it be easily resolved without involving the authorities?”