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Using your CCTV in a Responsible & Proper Manner

Source: archived respect.gov.uk website

If you wish to make use of CCTV technology

  • Check – with your local authority before you install a CCTV system as certain installations require planning permission.
  • Positioning – decide on the most effective positioning of the camera(s) and field of view. Make sure that your CCTV camera(s) is trained on your own property rather than that of your neighbours.
  • Installation/Maintenance – although it may be possible to do this yourself, if you intend using a private company it is always a good idea to check references first to satisfy yourself they are of good character. While most are reputable, there are still some who may use this unique opportunity to gain inside knowledge of your system.
  • Safety – ensure your camera(s) are fitted and installed correctly, securely and safely to avoid risk to either you or other members of the public.


While it is lawful for you to monitor your own property for security purposes, the manner in which CCTV is used, in particular where the field of view covers areas outside your property, may have legal consequences.

Cameras being deliberately trained on areas outside an individual’s property could amount to harassment and potentially give rise to prosecution under the Public Order Act or Protection from Harassment Act.


Everyone has the right to respect for private and family life.