The Victim Promise

The Victim Promise is an affirmation that agencies will put victims at the heart of their repsonse to anti-social behaviour management process.  This is to be officially launched on 22nd July 2021.  

Please see the links at the bottom of this page to download a printable copy of ‘The Victim Promise’.

How can my organisation sign up?

Signing up to the victim promise is free and could not be easier. Download ‘The Victim Promise’ (PDF document at the bottom of this page).

By taking ‘The Victim Promise’ you are agreeing to publicise your commitment to it and take steps to ensure it is embedded into your agencies day to day work

How do our communities know we have taken 'The Victim Promise'?

You can advertise ‘The Victim Promise’ on your website and your literature.

When you have taken ‘The Victim Promise’, email us at and we will send you ‘The Victim Promise’ logo to use and we will add you to our interactive map of agencies who have took ‘The Victim Promise’.

Who can take 'The Victim Promise'?

Police, Local Authorities, Housing Providers and any other agency with an ASB management function

Please click on the links below to download a printable copy of the details above and ‘The Victim Promise’: –