Harassment is a serious offence.
Report it to the Police.
Don’t suffer in silence as Fiona Pilkington did with tragic consequences.
Stage 1
> Write it down – keep diaries
> Gather evidence
> Are there others suffering too? Remember there is great power in numbers.
Stage 2
> It's time to act.
> Report it to the authorities.
> Is it hate crime?
> No-one seems to care – Be Persistent
Stage 3
> Community Trigger – make local agencies review the case

Anti-social behaviour can take over your life. It can also last for a long time and you may need some help to cope with that.

Suffering the effects of anti-social behaviour can be very difficult.  It can affect your health, both physical and mental.  We believe the most common emotions that victims of anti-social behaviour experience are fear, frustration and fury.  You may be feeling all three of these - you can easily navigate onto each page (Frightened, Frustrated, Furious) to find advice and tips to help you cope with each emotion.

Remember, anti-social behaviour often takes a long time to resolve and to get results you may need to learn to live with the situation for a few weeks or months.  Don't let it take control of you.




If the anti-social behaviour has stopped (for example because you have moved away) but you are still struggling to cope with the after-effects of this trauma, please see our page for advice about moving on from anti-social behaviour

How are you coping?
Read our safety tips and advice
How to channel frustration
Anger measurement tips