Current Projects

ASB Help are currently involved in a number of projects nationally.  The include: –

Academic Research – See link below for further information:

Data Collection – There is currently very little data available in relation to the use of the tools and powers introduced by the ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014.  In an attempt gain some further understanding in relation to how widely some of the tools and powers are being used, ASB Help have submitted an FOI request to all Local Authorities in England and Wales and we are currently collating the returns.  A copy of the questions asked is available here.

ASB Help are also working with the Victims Commissioner and are part of the Victims Law Roundtable for Community.  Further updates in relation to this will be available soon

ASB Help sit on the Home Office ASB Strategic Board which is made up of a small number of National organisations all with a vested interest in tackling ASB across the UK.  

Events to be added in due course.