In this section we want to profile some excellent initiatives that help victims of anti-social behaviour.  The level of support that victims of anti-social behaviour receive is highly localised, that is, it depends very much on where you live.  Agencies have a number of tools they can use to deal with anti-social behaviour and so one local authority may treat an incident very differently from another local authority in a different area.  The same can be said for police forces, housing associations, and all other agencies involved.

A Question of Funding

The sort of priority that a Police and Crime Commissioner or a local authority might give to tackling anti-social behaviour also dictates what sort of funding they give to the work.  In some areas you may have effective ASB Teams within a council with excellent multi-agency work as well as extra support specifically for victims, funded by these same bodies.  In others, however, where anti-social behaviour is seen as less important, or there is simply less resource behind it, a victim suffering from exactly the same type of anti-social behaviour may get a very different response, one likely to leave them dissatisfied, frustrated and desperate for help.

We cannot possibly know all the excellent initiatives going on around the country to tackle anti-social behaviour but here we take a look at some of them, and will add to these as we are made aware of other initiatives.  Please contact us if you are aware of an initiative to tackle anti-social behaviour that you think we should include here.  We are particularly interested in projects that seek to support the victims.

Victim Support

Agency-led Initiatives

Since each local agency has its own way of tackling anti-social behaviour and applying relevant law, we believe it is useful to look at some particular agency initiatives that have brought swift respite to sufferers of anti-social behaviour.