Empowering your community means that as a community you take the initiative and responsibility to improve your neighbourhood.  In some areas agencies work really well in partnership.  Some local police officers are very responsive to anti-social behaviour, some prioritise it more than others. In each area it will depend on what the biggest issues are and on the personnel managing the workload and the time available. Housing Associations can differ widely too – some are highly responsive with a good visible presence on the streets where they have properties, others seem disinterested in anti-social behaviour issues.

As members of the public we should feel a desire to make our local community a pleasant place to live and there is a lot that ordinary residents can do to achieve that. Where there is anti-social behaviour, such efforts are likely to include police and/or council officers but working together will lead to positive results. In this section we explore a bit more what kind of things you can do within your community as well as measures that can be taken with perpetrators of ASB without going down the route of lengthy, expensive court procedures.

Community/Grassroots Movements 

Restorative Justice 

Case Study