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Drunk and Disorderly

Other Crimes and Disorder

Early intervention works

Report issues in your local area that are alcohol-related

Agencies want to address them quickly before they get worse

They have legal tools to do that quickly

Drunk and disorderly includes the following:

Incidents involving alcohol can happen within or near licensed premises such as pubs and nightclubs.  Of course you need to be reasonable if you live next-door to a pub or club but there is a limit.  You should not have to accept disorder. Fighting, littering, using your street as a giant car-park for the club, drug-dealing and drug use, and using your garden as a toilet are wrong.

Yes.  This is happening to me.  What can I do?

To go and talk to a club owner about problems like this is pretty intimidating.  If the Police have been called out then they will have talked to the pub/club owner about this, and even given a warning if they have been called out a lot of times.  Get a group together because probably others in your street are angry too.  As a group you will probably get results faster, especially with the Community Trigger (see here for more information on this).

If the problems continue, as a resident you can apply for the premises licence to be reviewed.  This will mean that the pub/club will have to change or need to close.  To ask for a review of a premises licence, you need to contact your Local Council and fill in an application form.  Council officers and other agencies such as the Police can also apply for a review of a premises licence on your behalf or in their own right.  Don’t suffer such behaviour in silence – all licences have conditions attached.  If there is anti-social behaviour because of people coming to their pub/club it is their responsibility to act so that this stops.  They must make sure they are not a nuisance to local residents.

Other Crime and Disorder

Report the following to the Police.  They are crimes but usually included within definitions of anti-social behaviour:

Please note these are not comprehensive lists.

Our ‘Act Now!’ Interactive Guide will guide you on these issues so that you can report them to the right agency in the right way.