In the media: Discussing noise complaints and neighbour disputes

In the media: Discussing noise complaints and neighbour disputes

ASB Help are featured in this weeks Scottish Sunday Express, discussing the significant increase in noise complaints, neighbour disputes and public nuisance calls. ASB Help reported an increase in complaints of 25%-300% across the board, with most of these related to noise.

Read the full article here – Scottish Sunday Express article

Our website also contains lots of information and advice regarding noise and neighbour disputes.

Noisy Neighbours


Neighbour Disputes

Emma Robert


janet hussain Posted on3:45 am - 4th November 2020

housing got back to us, they cant do anything about noise, our tenant comes in 4am banging doors, what goes on with housing, they dont care at all, angry.

    Rebecca Brown Posted on4:50 pm - 20th November 2020

    Hi Janet,

    It sounds like you may be eligible to use the community trigger which is your statutory right to request the authorities in your area review your case if you feel no effective action has been taken. You can find more information about the community trigger here:
    Please do email us at if you encounter problems using the community trigger and we may be able to speak to your council on your behalf.


Tony Posted on8:12 am - 16th November 2020

I’m a victim of constant banging waking me up daily for last 5 months informed police . Housing . Council

    Rebecca Brown Posted on4:47 pm - 20th November 2020


    Have you considered using the community trigger which is your right to request a review of your case if you feel agencies in your area have not taken effective action? You can find more information on the community trigger here:

Milenka Tzenkova Posted on5:10 am - 12th February 2021

I have reported illegal trespassing and ASB gatherings of youth gangs who use our residents private and gated car park to the local Metropolitan police and Hyde Housing Association who are managing our estate. This is going on for years now. The gang is gathering in our lower level car park and uses drugs, I believe there are drug dealers amongst them. They litter our private land with traces of drugs, empty alcohol bottles, food left overs. This is in close proximity to our residents only private residential garden where our children play. The behaviour of the gang is very aggressive and intimidating scaring all residents away and not allowing us,the rightful users of the private premises to enjoy our space in peace. Please help.

    Emma Robert Posted on9:48 am - 16th February 2021

    Sorry to hear this. If you would like to e-mail us on I can advise further.
    Thank you,
    ASB Help