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Tomasz Wawrzczak Posted on9:21 pm - 26th January 2021

Dear sir/madam
I am writing this email to everyone who ,I hope, can help.
We dramatically need help! This is about my neighbour leaving at 8 Bramley Rd in Cheltenham.
So far we are writing emails only but absolutely nothing is happening. We are still terrorized by the noise coming from our neighbor almost every day.
We have been asked to report the noise, we keep sending these reports and that is everything.
Since we sent the first claim at the end of November 2020 actually nothing changed. I was asked to write a letter to my neighbour and try to resolve the problem in peaceful way. I sent a number of letters to her and this helps for a couple of days and she starts to play techno music again.
I have sent many reports about the time when the noise appears, we were waiting for the noise recording system to be installed but this didn’t happen because of the pandemic and lockdown.
Actually we suffer the noise from this property for over five years since we moved here. First lady was living here, she had a child that was crying and screaming for many hours every night. After her, there was some couple, they had drunk parties every day for months. From what I heard, she murdered someone in this house and she went to jail. This gave us one year of peace.
Unfortunately this new lady moved into this house over a year ago. The nightmare began again. We asked her many times for peace and quiet. It always only helped for a short time.
Finally I decided to ask Borough Council for help. Unfortunately it didn’t help!
Me and my wife, we have serious health problems, we have 11 years son, so we dramatically need peace and quiet.
All summer she had very noisy parties in her garden and we had to go out because the noise was unbearable. In our house we have a spare bedroom on the other side of our house, we must sleep in this bedroom but we can hear the noise even there.
Is Covid19 pandemic now, we are both classified as clinically extremely vulnerable people.
We must stay home! How?
We began searching for a new house and we are thinking of moving away.
I can’t understand how it is possible that there is no way to solve such a problem.

Do such people have more rights than we do? Maybe it’s because we are foreigners?
I do not know.
I send this message wherever possible. I hope someone will see that this is a dramatic call for help.

Kind regards

Tomasz & Beata Wawrzczak
6 Bramley Road

    Rebecca Brown Posted on8:10 am - 29th January 2021

    Based on what you have said, it sounds like you may be eligible to use the community trigger which is your statutory right to request a review of your case of anti-social behaviour where no effective action has been taken to resolve it. To be eligible, you must have reported 3 incidents of anti-social behaviour to either the police, council or housing provider (if applicable) in the last 6 months. You must have reported each incident within 30 days of it happening.
    Here is a link to using the community trigger in your area:
    We hope this helps and wish you the best of luck in finding a resolution to your case
    ASB Help