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Emma Robert


Serina Halliwell Posted on8:48 am - 6th August 2020

Hi, I. Having difficult time with my neighbor dog, the dog is a pitbulmix and I live in a block of flats on the first floor. The dog continues to run around and barking. This all had to put in words but please if you could contact me over the phone I’d be happy to explain further

    Rebecca Brown Posted on10:37 am - 10th August 2020

    We would recommend you contact your local council’s dog warden team or report the issues to you landlord, if you have one. If you believe the dog is dangerous, you should contact the Police.

Suzie Posted on1:32 am - 22nd August 2020

Hi, my upstairs neighbours produce alot of noise which is seriously affecting my health. The are stomping, jumping on floorboards, dropping heavy objects, dragging furniture, even past midnight, it aggregates my chronic migraines and my panic attacks got worse. I contacted Environmental Health, they dismissed it as household noise and landlord has been advised but not taking any action. The neighbour also threatened me to knock my door out so I reported verbal assault to police however nothing has been done. I am writing this at 2am after they came back home drunk by the sound of it as I heard them falling on the floor and tripping over and dropping things on the floor, I tried everything I could have and I don’t know what else to do, I feel like I’m going yo go crazy. Please help!!

    Rebecca Brown Posted on8:01 am - 26th August 2020

    Hi, We recommend you use the community trigger. Subject to meeting the threshold which is usually that you have suffered 3 incidents in 6 months, reported each incident within 30 days of it taking place and no effective action has been taken. You can find more information on the community trigger here: https://asbhelp.co.uk/community-trigger/

Alison Binks Posted on10:35 pm - 25th November 2020

Our neighbours make a noise well after 10pm

    Emma Robert Posted on4:03 pm - 27th November 2020

    Sorry to hear this. Our website contains lots of information regarding noise that you may find useful, including how to measure it, gather evidence and who to report it to.
    If you have any other questions, please e-mail us.
    Thank you,
    ASB Help

Tiffany jebson Posted on12:19 pm - 23rd January 2021

9:47 pm on the 22/1/21 number 43b hill road was outside reving his car with music blasting which awoke my youngest child

    Emma Robert Posted on3:11 pm - 25th January 2021


    Sorry to hear this. Has this happened previously or was this an isolated incident?
    Thank you,
    ASB Help