Anti-Social Behaviour and COVID-19

Anti-Social Behaviour and COVID-19

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  • The levels of anti-social behaviour
  • How victims and perpetrators are dealt with
  • Practitioners – how they must adapt to the changes

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Emma Robert


Gemma Duff Posted on10:45 am - 15th April 2020

I need help in regards what is classed as a nuisance neighbour. I need to know whether using a garage once or twice a week or even every other month, is it classed as a nuisance. Or is a nuisance someone who does something on a regular bases

    Rebecca Brown Posted on7:10 pm - 3rd June 2020

    It depends on what is happening in the garage? A nuisance will usually be persistent behaviour but there are some exceptions. We would need more information to assist.

Novlett Foster Posted on8:03 pm - 29th April 2020

Emma I keep putting my complain, but keep getting pages provider and I getting no way with my complain I just do not know what to do I click on noisy neighbours and that is my complain.

    Rebecca Brown Posted on7:03 pm - 3rd June 2020

    You cannot make a complaint about anti-social behaviour on our website because we do not deal with individual complaints. You need to raise your complaint with either your landlord, the landlord of the person causing the anti-social behaviour, the Police or your local Council.

Yordanov Posted on12:50 am - 30th June 2020

During COVID 19 parties after midnight are not stoping on 103 Coventry Road. Is there anybody who can do something about this NOISE during the night?
Many Thanks!

    Rebecca Brown Posted on10:11 am - 20th July 2020


    You may be eligible to use the community trigger if there have been three incidents in the last 6 months, all of which you have reported within 30 days of the incident taking place. Please see the following:

    ASB Help

Burns Posted on3:29 pm - 3rd August 2020

Can I ask if residents in a charitable organisation run ‘Sheltered Accomodation’ can be considered to be acting in an anti social way in not complying fully with Covid 19 guidelines and current restirctions – can the landlords enforce the guidelines if certain residents persist in flouting them especially in the new Gtr Manchester situation. They are seemingly washing their hands of this matter under the guise of ‘we can only advise and encourage’

    Rebecca Brown Posted on10:42 am - 10th August 2020


    We cannot give legal advice but we are aware of cases where landlords of sheltered housing schemes have obtained court orders (a part 1 anti-social behaviour injunction using the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014) to enforce social distancing requirements where tenants, or their visitors, are behaving anti-socially and putting other residents at risk. If you have experienced three or more incidents in the last 6 months and you have reported each incident to either the Police, Council or your landlord within 30 days of an incident taking place, you may be entitled to use the community trigger. This is your right to request a review of your case where no meaningful action has been taken to resolve the problem. You can find more information about the community trigger here:
    We hope you are able to find a resolution.

Juie Shetye Posted on6:51 pm - 12th February 2021


I am contacting because, we have recently moved in to a new house (~ 3 weeks ago). We are the home owners. We are a multi-racial family. We have a young puppy, one person suffering from asthma and one who is partially deaf. In addition, we suffer from mental health issues related to anxiety and trichotillomania, which are being treated.

Since we moved in, our neighbour is bothering us with noise complaints. These complaints have come after we have used our own back-garden, or us talking in the living room. Either we are talking to each other or playing games with the puppy. The complaints are either over the garden fence or knocks at the door.

We use our back garden, during daylight between 7am to 6pm, with a puppy pee-break at 10pm. As our puppy and asthma patient, needs to access our own backyard for walking and fresh air. Since the asthma trigger is pollen and damp, we cannot go for long walks and need the house to be aerated. We need to communicate effectively to the differently-able person will be able to hear clearly, especially since one of us is medically vulnerable.

Due to the lockdown we are restricted on visits outside the house, so our puppy gets more backyard time, this includes sessions with his dog trainer that happen via zoom. Our use of our own back garden last less than 10-15 mins per session, and during daytime. So it is 1-2 hours.

The neighbour who complains has only mentioned noise and are never specific. So, it is unclear on what we should do or how we should change anything. The incidences they comment relate to using the back garden and communicating in the back garden.

This constant bickering, whether across background fence or over window has cause great discomfort. As we have struggled with moving house, building furniture, a young puppy and asthma attacks. We maintain full-time work from home jobs, and this affects us. The impact of these complaints, I find unfair, as we spend a lot of money and time to find a house suitable for us. And having a safe space which is peaceful was necessary choice for us before we moved. So, we need the space to be comfortable to express and perform our daily lives, without a fear of being harassed. The fact that the neighbours are aware of our medical conditions and still have shown no scope of understanding, is appalling.

In our last conversation, we have mentioned that there will be background noise, as we have a right to enjoy our own house.

I want advice on how to sort these issues. We have records of incidences, including dog barks. Do we write to the Tennant’s landlord, the council or a mediator. Should we ignore these or wait for further letters or verbal intimidations, to make a formal complaint to the council?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

    Emma Robert Posted on9:50 am - 16th February 2021

    Thank you for your message. If you would like to contact us at we can discuss this in more detail.
    Thank you,
    ASB Help

Mr George Posted on5:16 pm - 28th February 2021

Please can you read this message and if you can give some help or advice.
As i stated in the conversation it is becoming increasing difficult to live in my home, due to the family that live downstairs and the behaviour of the tenancy holder towards me. I have lived in the property for over 10 years and every year the behaviour of the man downstairs gets more more intolerable and he has develop sometime of obsessive behaviour toward me. It has now become very obvious that he has a degree of Mental Health, which leaves me in a very volatile position as he vents all of his anger toward me.

I lead a very boring live styes in which i wake up at 5.30am and i am out of the flat by 6.15am, i return home around 8.00pm and i would have something to eat, then i am in bed by 9.00pm, so i am out of the house for 14 hours per day. Saturday i am out of the house from 11.00am and i don’t return until 4.00am and Sunday’s i stay in bed all day if i can. I have alway consider myself a good neighbour and a good tenant, since i have been working i have always kept my rent account in credit and kept the flat in good order.

Eversince i have moved into the flat i have always had a problem with the man that lived downstairs, when i first moved into the flat i notice that he would never answer the door and they would be very quite when i was home or had any friends in my home or i was talking on my mobile. But whenever i would cook chips or pie from tesco, i notices that the man would come out of his home and stand in the garden and start making vomitting sound so i would hear him and this would be ever Saturday or in the night when i would come home from work and put something in the microwave. Then about 8 years ago i notice that when i would come into the flat and the man would stand by his flat door and start shouting in his language as i would be coming into the flat. This could happen anytime i would leave or come into my home 3.00am in the morning he would turn the light on and i would see his shadow under the door and he would start shouting at me, but he would never open the door and come out into the hallway, this would be done from behind his flat door. Some times if its quiet when i come out of my house i would hear them calling me King Kong, unfortunately we all can not be short some people are short and some are tall in this world.

I even saw him slap up his wife just because i told her hello in the communal hallway, i reported this to the police and i also told to my housing officer about this. She investigated the matter by the wife said everything is ok, but when i told the son he got very upset and said that his dad is always beating the mother,

I never had a bin outside my home so i went to he council and asked for a bin, when it arrived he took the bin and put it into his garden, the second time i asked i spoke to my Housing Officer at HHG and she order me two bins and once again he put them into his garden and planted trees in the bins. At that time i would just ignored him as i did not want any problems with anybody. Whenever he would see me in the street and i was walking passed him on North End Rd Market, he would just start spiting on the floor about 10 times and start steering at me and shaking and muttering in his language, once again i would just ignore him and walk pass. Sometime people in the market would notice and would come up to me and tell me that he does not like you much, the person told me that in his country it is an insult to spit on the floor when someone is walking passes he is insulted you. Sometime if he saw me in the street and i was going home i would see him rushing to get home before me, so that he could hear what i am doing in the house. I know some neibour could be nosey and i don’t mind that because at the time both of his sons were unemployed and were at home. At this point in the one bed flat was six adults and this went on for many years, when i would come home he would start to slam the doors when i was trying to sleep, at this point i spoke to my family and was advised to just ignore him.

When i first moved into the flat he would boil some type of herb and lock all the windows so that the smell would come up into my flat, it would make me feel ill, so i would come out of the flat and as i looked across i would sometime see the wife hunting out of the window gasping for air. The smell was so bad all the bedding and the carpet smelt of the herb, it was at that point i realised that his actions were intentional.

At this point i decided to approach one of his sons, who told me “not to say hello to his parents as his dad does not like black men much and he does not like you”, so please when you see them please just walk pass them. After about two years I was advised by the CAB to try and break the ice and just say good morning when i would see them in the morning. But this did not do down well and when his wife would say hello back to me, he would start shouting at her in the street and drag her down the road back into the house. If i was coming out of my flat and he was coming into his flat, he would walk pass the door and walk around the block or he would just grab his wife and walk off ,again this went on for many years. Because i did not react to his behaviour he would now start doing more things to try and antagonise me. Also at this time other niebours across the road would see his behaviour towards me and look at this 6.3 black male and being Fulham, think the worse.

1/ When i would be in the shower in would play around with the tap in the communal wallway so i would not have any water ( this can be proven )

2/ The family downstairs would go onto the roof of the house when i would be at work and punch holes in the roof to enter the loft and go into my boxes that i had place in the loft.

3/ 4.00am in the morning he would start sweeping the garden every day when it is still dark outside

4/ Shouting in the house so that i can hear

5/ Slamming doors and slamming the front door

6/ Breaking the lock on the front all the time,

7/ If i purchase anything from Amerzon the parcel alway has a hole in it (always)

8/ If i go outside to have a cigarette, i could guarantee you that the man would come out of his house night or day and have a look where i would sit and had a smoke

9/ When i come home from work he would stand up in the garden just steering at my windows.

10/ If i cook a curry he would go into the garden and start making vomiting sound.

11/ If i go to the toilet night or day to do a number 2 he would run into the toilet and start shouting about the smell, he would sometime go into the garden and shout at the bathroom window.

12/ I purchased a house alarm system as i was not home in the day time, they slammed the door so much that the hallway senior would be trigger and the alarm would go off, this happen about 50 times ( The alarm co, has a record ) in the end the co advised me to just turn it off.

13 In the summer they would always go on holiday for about 10 weeks and he would alway leave his heating on full blast, this is to try and antagonise me.

I could go on and on, i have spoken to numerous housing officer about this mans behaviour and i have alway said,”please ask them if i am doing something wrong in the house and i would change what ever i am doing to upset them”. The the truth is, is that they do not want to share a house with a black man. After about five years of this i started to see the wife and when ever she was on her own she would tell me hello, but never with her husband. One day i saw the wife on the bus and she just started to apologise

For the last 2 years to Present Day

1/ Running out of the house before i go to work and staying up in the park watching me (5.45)

2/ Running out of the house and hiding behind car and just watching me leave the house to go to work.

3/ Following me down the road to see where i am going.

4/ I purchase a car and as soon as he saw me in the car the next day someone smeared human shit on my car, all on the side door and on the side windows, sadly he could n to reach the front window, i reported it to the police and i got a crime number ( it was him).

5/ One of the black ladies around the corner wanted to give me a card for Christmas, so she knock on the door and said that she was looking for a tall black man, she said he shouted at her and said “no black man lives in this house and slammed the door in her face.

6/ His young sons onto the roof and twisted my arial so i can not use it, this happens when i am at work, its the people that live next door would tell me

Covid 19

1/ Spiting on my door

2/ Spiting on the locks of the front door

3/ Leaving covid tissues in the front gate so i would have to remove it to leave to go to work.
I reported this matter to the police, that is a criminal offence to knowingly spread covid 19
(as per Picture)

4/ I saw him spit in his hands and wipe it on the front door locks to spread the covid virus which he and his wife had.

5/ Trying to leave the house at 5.45am when i am rushing to go to work

6/ Standing outside the house sometime shouting and when i look out the window he is talking to himself

7/ I don’t wear shoes in the flat, so when he hears me put shoe on in the kitchen, that is his cue to rush and put his coat on stand outside the front door, and when i come out of my flat, he try to hide he the front garden with his back towards me.

8/ He and his wife do not use the same room and in the winter because he know the house is very cold at 3 am every morning he open his bedroom window so that i would get cold at night.

Other Neighbours

1/ Putting letters into the front door asking them to stop shouting

2/ inappropriate behaviour towards other female that live on the street.

3/ He told the 70 year old Iris lady, next door that he wanted to have sex with her, she was so discussed that she told me that she was going to go to the police

4/ The young Australian girl across the road told me that he try to grab her breast in the street, she though i was his living in carer, she told me this last week.

Once again about 6 months ago i spoke to the youngest son about his fathers behaviour towards me, he told me that his father does not like black men and he does not like me. He said that his father was in the army and he was quite senior, he said that his father was a wicked man in the army and people wanted him dead. The son said that’s the reason the family came to this country, and he repeated to me that his father is a wicked man and he told me the next time i hear his mother scream i should just mind my own business as his father does not want any help from me.

I applied for a CRB and when the CRB came i put it on the floor next to my door, the father pick it up and took it, when i knock on the door to get it back the father told me that “he dose not have it” and slammed the door in my face. I called the son and told him what has happen he said that he would paid for the CRB so that i could get another one.

In March 2020, I contact Claim Mediation Service, and i told them everything, i was asked if i would attend a meeting with them and the people down stair, i said yes, but i have not heard anything since. I told them that i understand that the man has a degree of mental health and i believe that he may need support from sometime of outside agency. One of the people on the street told me that he may have dementia or alzheimer’s, but i believe because i have not retaliated he see me as a weak big black man and he is now turn this into racial bullying and stoking. He is stopping me from enjoying my tenancy when you can’t go too the toilet in your flat.

I don’t know what you can do about this man.

    Emma Robert Posted on12:19 pm - 3rd March 2021


    Sorry to hear this. If you would like to e-mail us at it will be easier to keep track of this case and ensure we are replying to you promptly.
    Thank you,
    ASB Help