Anti-Social Behaviour and COVID-19

Anti-Social Behaviour and COVID-19

Read our new blog post on COVID-19 and how it affects:

  • The levels of anti-social behaviour
  • How victims and perpetrators are dealt with
  • Practitioners – how they must adapt to the changes

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Emma Robert


Gemma Duff Posted on10:45 am - 15th April 2020

I need help in regards what is classed as a nuisance neighbour. I need to know whether using a garage once or twice a week or even every other month, is it classed as a nuisance. Or is a nuisance someone who does something on a regular bases

    Rebecca Brown Posted on7:10 pm - 3rd June 2020

    It depends on what is happening in the garage? A nuisance will usually be persistent behaviour but there are some exceptions. We would need more information to assist.

Novlett Foster Posted on8:03 pm - 29th April 2020

Emma I keep putting my complain, but keep getting pages provider and I getting no way with my complain I just do not know what to do I click on noisy neighbours and that is my complain.

    Rebecca Brown Posted on7:03 pm - 3rd June 2020

    You cannot make a complaint about anti-social behaviour on our website because we do not deal with individual complaints. You need to raise your complaint with either your landlord, the landlord of the person causing the anti-social behaviour, the Police or your local Council.

Yordanov Posted on12:50 am - 30th June 2020

During COVID 19 parties after midnight are not stoping on 103 Coventry Road. Is there anybody who can do something about this NOISE during the night?
Many Thanks!

    Rebecca Brown Posted on10:11 am - 20th July 2020


    You may be eligible to use the community trigger if there have been three incidents in the last 6 months, all of which you have reported within 30 days of the incident taking place. Please see the following:

    ASB Help

Burns Posted on3:29 pm - 3rd August 2020

Can I ask if residents in a charitable organisation run ‘Sheltered Accomodation’ can be considered to be acting in an anti social way in not complying fully with Covid 19 guidelines and current restirctions – can the landlords enforce the guidelines if certain residents persist in flouting them especially in the new Gtr Manchester situation. They are seemingly washing their hands of this matter under the guise of ‘we can only advise and encourage’

    Rebecca Brown Posted on10:42 am - 10th August 2020


    We cannot give legal advice but we are aware of cases where landlords of sheltered housing schemes have obtained court orders (a part 1 anti-social behaviour injunction using the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014) to enforce social distancing requirements where tenants, or their visitors, are behaving anti-socially and putting other residents at risk. If you have experienced three or more incidents in the last 6 months and you have reported each incident to either the Police, Council or your landlord within 30 days of an incident taking place, you may be entitled to use the community trigger. This is your right to request a review of your case where no meaningful action has been taken to resolve the problem. You can find more information about the community trigger here:
    We hope you are able to find a resolution.