Do the right thing Cherwell District Council

Do the right thing Cherwell District Council

Another victim let down…

Very disappointed in Cherwell District Council.
It is bad enough we had to activate the Community Trigger on behalf of two of their vulnerable residents but you haven’t even followed your own 7 day policy to inform them if the application meets the threshold! I have left multiple messages for you to contact me….and you haven’t. Do you realise these are your residents and they are living a nightmare every day?! Please follow the legislation and your own policies and procedures to bring this to an end now! Do the right thing Cherwell District Council and help your residents.

Read the report into Anti-Social Behaviour by the Victim’s Commissioner here: 

Emma Robert


Mark Marshall-Howe Posted on5:26 am - 30th January 2020

Reading the narrative regarding Cherwell District Council I would echo the same. We have been let down by Powys County Council and Dyfed Powys Police. Policies and procedures not followed – this by both agencies. Four years of harassment/ASB has not been addressed – going into a fifth year.

I have done much in the way of research and I believe that the Law is in place but the agencies whom supposedly exist to protect us and use the Law, DO NOT. We keep being told: “the threshold has not been met”. What do we do next?

Theresa May, Home Secretary at the time, indicated that one in four people are affected by Anti-Social Behaviour – today, in 2020, approximately fifteen million adults are experiencing Anti-Social behaviour/Bullying/Harassment – aged between 18 & 90. If A.S.B were a disease and it is – would we not “inoculate” against it? I have some simple solutions – implementation of the same will take courage, foresight and the will of those affected by ASB. We need to come together as victims and rigorously challenge the current system. If only 10% of us got together that would represent, approximately, 1.5 million voices – these voices would be difficult to ignore. The change needs to happen quickly – people are suffering needlessly; in some cases dying.

    Rebecca Brown Posted on4:28 pm - 7th February 2020


    I will email you separately about your comment. Again, i am sad to hear that certain areas are not taking their community trigger obligations seriously.