How a lack of local agency support is affecting victims of Anti-Social Behaviour.

How a lack of local agency support is affecting victims of Anti-Social Behaviour.

08/01/2020 – How can your local organisation help victims of Anti-Social Behaviour in your area?

Today ASB Help requested a Community Trigger activation on behalf of two vulnerable victims of persistent anti-social behaviour. They have suffered 3 years of hell, despite the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 giving agencies the tools and powers to compel anti-social people to desist in their behaviour. With echoes of the Pilkington case, we really hope Cherwell District Council and Thames Valley Police embrace our intervention and bring an end to the misery being caused to these people before any more serious harm is caused.

Click here to view our pledge and how your organisation can sign up to it.

Click here to view our blog on the Pilkington case, and whether lessons have been learnt from it.

Emma Robert


Eleanor Posted on10:36 pm - 10th January 2020

Thanks for this excellent and thought provoking piece. Do you mind me asking, have you had any response from ministers or the Home Office following the report written by yourselves and the Victims Commissioner?

    Rebecca Brown Posted on3:14 pm - 14th January 2020

    Thank you Eleanor. Yes we are working with the Home Office and the College of Policing to try to address the problems. We are also visiting a number of Local Authority areas to promote the use of the community trigger and have just launched a national campaign called the community trigger Pledge that we are inviting authorities to sign up to. It is a commitment to best practice and making the community trigger as inclusive as possible and fit for purpose. So we hope we are making a dent in addressing the problems but this will take some time but we are dedicated to our cause!