Anti-social behaviour ‘nightmare’ ignored

Anti-social behaviour ‘nightmare’ ignored

A new report, “Anti-Social Behaviour: Living a Nightmare” was released today (30/04/2019) by the Victims Commissioner, in partnership with ASB Help and Nottingham Trent University. The report has shown that Anti-Social Behaviour is being ignored by authorities in England and Wales. 

The Victims Commissioner, Baroness Newlove, stated that victims who were being repeatedly targeted were left to “suffer in silence”. She added that the feedback from victims has been that they feel they are being persistently targeted by perpetrators, yet persistently ignored by those in power also. Baroness Newlove added that it was “infuriating” that Anti-Social Behaviour was referred to as low-level crime, something that often dismisses the effect it has on its victims. The report states that anti-social behaviour can cause “immense distress and suffering” to victims, having negative effects on their mental health, sleep, work and relationships.

Police chiefs and the Local Government Association said they took anti-social behaviour “seriously”, but admit that their resources are under strain and more funding is needed if they are to tackle the problem effectively. 

Written in partnership with Nottingham Trent University and charity ASB Help, the commissioner’s report says victims of anti-social behaviour are passed between agencies and face lengthy delays when calling the 101 police non-emergency number.
It also found that a mechanism known as the “community trigger”, which allows victims to require agencies to review the response to the anti-social behaviour they reported, was “largely unknown”.
Jenny Herrera, from ASB Help, said there were fundamental problems with the mechanism and called for central government to intervene to ensure it was “fit for purpose”.

The Crime Survey for England and Wales estimated 37% of adult respondents experienced or witnessed anti-social behaviour in their local area last year, the highest proportion since the question was first asked in 2011-12.
But separate figures show around 1.4 million incidents of anti-social behaviour were recorded by police in 2018, a 16% fall on the previous 12 months. 
The Home Office welcomed the Victims’ Commissioner’s report and said it would consider the recommendations “carefully”. “The government is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and ensuring victims get the response they deserve,” it said.

National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for Anti-Social Behaviour, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor, said the police were “only one part of the solution” and they were working with local authorities and other agencies to tackle anti-social behaviour.
“Forces are under increasing strain as they deal with rising crime, demand that is more complex and a raised terror threat with fewer officers,” he continued.
“Further long-term funding is needed and we are working with the Home Office and police and crime commissioners to make the case at the next spending review.”

The Local Government Association said: “Councils know people look to them to tackle the anti-social behaviour, which can make a law-abiding resident’s life hell or blight an entire neighbourhood.
“It’s a role they take extremely seriously but one which is being made increasingly challenging as a result of losing 60p out of every £1 they had from government to spend on services in the past decade.”

Read the full report here:

Livestream feed from the launch can be seen through Twitter here:

Have you been a victim of Anti-Social Behaviour? Our website has pages of advice and links to local agencies to try and help resolve your situation. You can also contact us using the contact form for further help and advice. 



Emma Robert


A Coastwall Posted on11:34 am - 12th May 2019

Good morning, we are victims of antisocial behaviour, we reported many times both to the police and local authorities, they don’t do anything about it. It affects our ability to work, our children education and our social life.

Anne weston Posted on1:10 pm - 15th June 2019

2014 we reported ASB drug dealer, loud music, sex worker, domestic violence, all from the same property. Waterloo homes have done very little to help other tenants living with this,council are trying to help with noise, but even then it’s a very slow proses.
ASB perpetrater is using his stereo as a weapon, turning volum up and down. Then banging doors, shouting over music.
Housing will not install CCTV.

Geneviève Mairet Posted on7:24 am - 28th July 2019

I complained 35 times about loud music and insults the Council refuses to take action against the neighbours who intimiditate us and want to force us to leave

    Jenny Herrera Posted on2:48 pm - 7th August 2019

    Have you tried the Community Trigger? which has been designed to empower victims when local agencies seem to be doing nothing about the problem?

Geneviève Mairet Posted on7:30 am - 28th July 2019

neighbours deny they’re rude and neighbours refuse to get involved

Tina needham Posted on9:26 pm - 2nd September 2019

I’m needing speak somebody about anti social behaviour that we are experience at this time, I feel alone and not knowing we’re to turn has I feel we are not being listen to and this in-turn has caused great upset and stress

    Rebecca Brown Posted on11:40 am - 3rd January 2020

    We are sorry to hear you are experiencing anti-social behaviour. We are a small charity who campaign for Local Authorities and Police Forces to embrace the Community Trigger which is your statutory right to request a review of your case. Perhaps this is something you could use? We would welcome your feedback on using the community trigger as such insight enables us to lobby for better use of the mechanism. You can find further information on the Community Trigger here:

diana jarram Posted on2:25 pm - 22nd October 2019

hello, i looked through your site and cried all the way through, it might have been written about me and my family about how we feel and about it not being trivial , even a psychotic episode that lasted 3 years due to bullying was not taken seriously, but what can i do when both neighbours are joined with the only anti social officer who is also a special and in with them, our life is hell, even attempted murder was not enough,,, complaint is at the ombudsman as council didnt want to know, victim support is not supporting, even my dr got me help and even she cant get answers from the police, now there is criminal damage being done to us they still wont help

    Rebecca Brown Posted on11:31 am - 3rd January 2020

    We are sorry to hear what you are going through. Have you considered making a community trigger application which is your statutory right to request a review by the local authority of your case? You can find further information about the community trigger here:

Mrs Sue Melville Posted on9:06 am - 16th November 2019

I have lived I my private flat (which is leasehold ) for 30 years and as far as so know there have been no complaints against me. To cut the story short I live in the second floor and opposite me is a large building which was made into rented flats many years ago. In March this year I noticed a woman watching me When I walked into my Living Room I tried to take no notice but very hard when someone constantly there and I mean constant, it was relentless, this is also a second floor flat. When my Husband was alive and after his death I still live on wall facing window in Winter as it’s warmer, we also lived with just TV on and no other light, blinds were open being second floor we thought this was not a problem. The person opposite has never approached me or left a note through door to say if I had upset her in any way so it was a case of elimination. I moved to other end of Settee and she could not even see me but little did I know she has a relative in side Road opposite and she stands on in the landing window with a light shining into my face obviously to make me move. The next thing a camera appeared in that window pointed at my bedroom window, I went to IOC, Security Camera Commissioners Office and Police, nobody could help, I keep my blind closed permanently in that room plus I have a screen in front of window, camera was taken down but I have a photo of same. I now sit up other end of room but she or they are doing everything they can to make me close my blinds. Three photos were taken of me in my Flat, two in daylight, and next I had someone in the middle of road shouting up to my Flat balling me an effing something and shut my effing blinds. Called the Police and after 6\8 weeks, due to holidays, a PCSO turned up. Said I was not doing anything wrong and decided not to speak to anyone and asked me to update him which I did that the verbal abuse had stopped but I was being blinded by security lights one of which is in window of relatives in side road. Went to Council, they don’t even return calls of answer e mails. Managed to speak to someone in Environmental Health but still haven’t heard. Meanwhile I can have up to three spotlights shone into my Living Room and bedroom and this is from 5.00pm to 6.00am. I don’t know who to go to for help as this is affecting my health I am 68 years of sge. Please help me if you can

    Rebecca Brown Posted on11:21 am - 3rd January 2020

    We are sorry to hear about the problems you have encountered. You may be eligible to make a community trigger application to your local authority. We would recommended considering this option. You can find further information here:
    Thank you

John Smith Posted on4:04 pm - 17th November 2019

Suffering at the hands of neighbours for nearly five years, ignored by the local council and police – Community Trigger was an abject failure, solicitors letters to neighbours ignored. Where do I go now? I’ve spent hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds on trying to deal with the neighbours from hell!!

Our community is being “terrorised” by two deceitful, dysfunctional, devious and cunning individuals – they should be horse-whipped for their antics. There are simple solutions to the vacuous individuals whom ruin life for millions of people for years on end. These solutions will take foresight, strength, willing and maybe a very quick change in the law.

    Rebecca Brown Posted on11:14 am - 3rd January 2020

    Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear things are so bad for you and you have found the Community Trigger to be an abject failure. We campaign for Local Authorities to embrace the Community Trigger and use it properly but we recognise this does not always happen. Would you be willing to provide us with further information about your experience of using the Community Trigger? Only through specific examples of how it has failed can we address such issues with the Home Office. We would be very grateful if you could provide your insight as a user.
    Thank You
    ASB Help