Housing Associations and the Community Trigger

Housing Associations and the Community Trigger

Much of our work on the Community Trigger has focused on councils and police, mainly because they represent the lead agency across England and Wales.  However, housing associations are a key player in Community Safety and named as one of the relevant bodies in the Community Trigger legislation.  What are housing associations doing to promote it then?

Large Housing Associations

A sample of the really large housing associations brought in disappointing results.  All of the following have no information on the Community Trigger (also called the ASB Case Review):

  • London and Quadrant Housing
  • Clarion Housing
  • Home Group Housing
  • Sanctuary Housing
  • Guinness Partnership
  • Riverside Housing
  • Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (2 separate websites)

Clarion Housing claims on its website to be the largest housing association in the country, owning and managing 125,000 homes over 170 local authorities, representing 360,000.  That is 360,000 tenants who are not being informed about the Community Trigger.  Housing association websites direct people to the police for some types of anti-social behaviour but miss an opportunity to let their tenants know what to do if the police do nothing about it (or the council or indeed the housing association itself).  This is concerning.

Locally Led

Some housing associations tell me they cannot put information on the Community Trigger on their website because they have houses in more than one local authority area and of course the way it is activated differs from one area to another.  There are some easy ways around this:

Regenda Housing give information about the Community Trigger and a link to the government website to find your nearest local authority.  Unfortunately this will fall down at the last hurdle because where the police is the lead agency, the local council tends not to publish any information about the Trigger.

A much better way can be seen in One Housing who have been wonderfully proactive in setting up a specific Community Trigger email address for victims, explaining that they will then forward it onto the relevant local authority.  Some lead agencies don’t even bother setting up a specific email address or giving a direct telephone number so this is impressive from One Housing.

An alternative would be to link into our Community Trigger Directory so that victims can easily search for their local area and find the exact page they need on the council or police website.  It is important that all tenants of registered providers of social housing know that this safety net is available to them.  We encourage all housing associations to look at adding this important information to their website.  Don’t forget housing associations can also activate a Community Trigger on the victim’s behalf to push a case review and get something done about the anti-social behaviour.

Jenny Herrera


Mark Richardson Posted on12:10 pm - 23rd April 2019

We have delt with L&Q housing for the past eight years they are a joke as they promote a zero tolerance towards ASB ignorance is bliss they are only interested in earning money through rent not people’s safety

Danielle campbell Posted on9:32 pm - 29th April 2019

Hi I’m having bother with a neighbour who is constantly banging. This can be all night to Sunday morning there at 5am it’s constant and driving me insane. This has been going on for years. I put a letter through the door to get it back through. Friends family all say the same how bad and frustrating this is. Wondering if I could get any guidance with this l. Kind regards danielle

Wendy Rowe Posted on7:39 pm - 4th September 2019

Our housing association has never ever mentioned to us about reviewing our case, and am horrified to know that they could if they wanted. They do not believe us, in so many words calling us liars let along suggesting any further help.

They have even disregarded our PCSOs web cam evidence and our calls to 101 pleading for someone to come out and visit our ASB neighbour.

As of today we understand that our housing association has no intention of evicting our ASB neighbour, and expects it to go all to their way and all will work out, but have had trouble from neighbour for well over 2 years, filled in diaries, had the Police, been sworn at, the wall has been thumped and we have suffered intimidation but housing association wants everything on digital tape!!
Husband has had a breakdown after ASB neighbour had an 18 hours session and I am registered disabled. We can’t believe a housing association can be so much on the side of the perpetrator who is taking them for a ride, he is lying to them and hiding things from them, even smashed up the bits and bobs put in the bungalow for him.
Life is just not worth it any longer, this situation is literally killing us slowly but surely. ASB neighbour has also turned all our neighbours bar one against us, but housing association do not give a damn.