Church Challenge

“How can you deal with something out of your control? I have a very stressful job and need my rest.“ ‘Alice’, London Noise nuisance is not just an issue between neighbours in residential houses. Some of us are unlucky enough to live next to particularly noisy premises – and these aren’t always what you might […]

Noise Nightmare

“It has been nearly eight years and I am still here … but flagging.“  ‘Janet’, Luton Many of us hear some noise from next-door from time-to-time.  Many of us make noise which at times can be particularly loud – especially when children are around, or when we need to do some DIY, or perhaps we […]

Emily Maitlis opens up about being victim of stalker

“I can’t see how it will end.” Emily Maitlis, BBC Newsnight presenter This weekend all the main newspapers picked up the story that BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis had opened up about her nightmare of being a victim of stalking for 25 years. Here is ‘The Guardian’s’ version: In summary, Maitlis explains that she […]

Defining Harassment

“They said there is nothing they can do as our neighbours behaviour is not harassment! This leaves our young son terrified of an adult who continually stares at him, shouts at him, and approaches him.” ‘James’, Cumbria Much of anti-social behaviour is highly subjective. This means different people interpret it in different ways. To one […]

Lessons from Nottinghamshire

I noted with interest this article about how war on anti-social behaviour is being won in Nottinghamshire. The statistics are certainly impressive – a 36% drop in the likes of noise, graffiti, letting off fireworks and fly-tipping, translating to over 20,000 less victims over the past four years. The experience of residents seems to confirm these […]

Letting Agent Denial

“Only after 18 months and one suicide attempt did the National Association of Property Professionals take action against the tenants and letting agency.” Mark, Kent Mark has suffered a huge variety of anti-social behaviour from his neighbours including loud music and other household noise at an inappropriate volume and time of day, drinking alcohol on […]