Prepare for Battle

Prepare for Battle

Do not underestimate the subtle effect this awful behaviour can have on you. Be prepared to be brushed off by agencies … be prepared for them to doubt you.” Lily, South-West England

When Lily reported anti-social behaviour to the police 2 years ago, they said she didn’t have enough evidence for a crime. She had continuously reported it to the landlords only to find they did not respond or even acknowledge her complaint. When she involved her Social Care team, they too wrote to the landlords and did not receive a reply either. To get action with anti-social behaviour, you often need to prepare for battle. Lily explains:

  • Do not underestimate the subtle effect this can have on you, undermining your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Be prepared to be brushed off by agencies etc (eg landlord agency) who might rather the problem(s) just disappeared.
  • Be prepared for them to doubt you, and really try to get evidence. Video evidence was required from me, which I didn’t have. It can be difficult to have the presence of mind to film something when actually happening, but this seems to be what is asked for.
  • Be prepared for the people doing this to counter-claim, and behave as the victims themselves. This can be awful. Realize that people do lie, especially to gain advantage, or get themselves out of a hole, and try not to take it too personally.
  • Be prepared for the fact that others who may have witnessed things, may not be prepared to stand up and give evidence, even though it is true. Many people do not wish to, or are afraid to.”

Our Comments

Lily gives good advice. You do need to be prepared for battle sometimes to get results. Don’t Suffer in Silence – are there others who can support you/are also suffering? See our Tips for Getting Evidence for ways to build up your case. In particular, do consider how Professional Witnesses might help where you are struggling to get the evidence required. Unfortunately it is time-consuming and tiring – here are some tips on how to manage discount pharmacy your Frustration with the anti-social behaviour and the whole process of trying to effectively address it.


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