Passing the Buck

Passing the Buck

For the last two and a half years I have been subject to excessive noise. The Council have told me they cannot help.” ‘Janet’, Cheshire.

Many victims of anti-social behaviour complain about how they are passed from one agency to other. In some areas of the country agencies seem very keen to pass the buck and let someone else deal cheap online pharmacy with the issue. In worst cases, a victim is passed back and forth between two agencies (frequently Council or Housing Association and the Police) with no action being taken by either of them. For this reason we set up our Act Now! Guide to help you go to the right agency for the problem you are experiencing. However, you may need determination and perseverance to get results as ‘Janet’ in Cheshire discovered.

For the last two and a half years I have been subject to excessive noise” she explained. “This has later included intimidating behaviour. I am at the end of my tether and I do not know what else I can do. My health has deteriorated. My self-confidence has been shot to pieces. I do not feel able to open the door unless I know someone is coming. I do not go out into the garden. I keep all my windows and blinds shut constantly.

A noise issue, Janet correctly contacted the Council, even more appropriate because  the perpetrators are also Council tenants. Since first reporting it, she has clearly been given the run around from the Council. They ignored her complaints for over a year until neighbours on the other side also complained. 9 months after that there was a promise of sound-proofing but this is no longer happening and the Council never bothered to inform Janet about this. The last time she called, the ASB Officer was away on 3 weeks annual leave and no one else could help her.

Is it any wonder Janet says “a happy peaceful sanctuary of your own home is no longer possible as no-one cares“? Indeed she now says “the Council have told me they cannot help“.

Our Comments

First of all, the Council cannot possibly be allowed to say they can’t help when they are exactly the agency to deal with their own tenants and noise issues. If the Council is doing nothing, we believe Janet should activate her local Community Trigger and insist on a case review. This would also bring the Police to the table to discuss the situation, especially important given there is intimidation involved too. We cannot let the agencies that are there to protect and assist us be allowed to fob us off, pass the buck, and do nothing. Keep sharing your stories so we can shout louder.


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