Child Protection

Child Protection

Can’t really have visitors as its so invasive. Has impacted my mental health and made me feel unable to enjoy my new home.” ‘Andrew’, Edinburgh

‘Andrew’ and his partner, who own their home, have a Council tenant below them who shouts and verbally abuses her 5 year old every single day. It wakes them up. First they knocked on the door but she denied the noise was her. They then complained to the Council who offered her support but she did not engage with them. They eventually went to the Police when they became very concerned for the child. They are hopeful police involvement will lead to a solution.

Sometimes getting something done about anti-social behaviour is all about getting to the right person within the right agency. This right person will be different depending on the ASB and also can differ from place to place. The child protection angle is important and can help you get results much quicker. As well as calling the Police you can always contact your Council’s Social Services Department or an independent childline number such as the NSPCC If an agency decides it is no longer just noise nuisance but potential child abuse, their procedures to take action will be different, and probably faster. Note: only consider this route if there is a genuine concern for the welfare of any children involved.

Andrew supplied a concise summary of how anti-social behaviour can affect you. If only all officers working in the field of ASB could truly appreciate how far-reaching those effects are. “Constantly talking about it with my partner. Wearing ear plugs, closing all the doors in the house hoping the noise won’t travel, sleepless nights, inability to work from home, time spent keeping a diary, calling the Council and the police. Can’t really have visitors as it’s so invasive. Has impacted my mental health and made me feel unable to enjoy my new home.


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