Cannabis Nightmare

Cannabis Nightmare

“By writing my story I am hoping that this will bring to light Anti- Social Behaviour and the effects this can have on people – we should not live in fear.” Lizzy, Bristol

This is my story – I live in Bedminster, Bristol – I am a full- time mum. I work full-time for Bristol Council. – I am a victim of Anti Social Behaviour.

I moved into a Flat in Bedminster, Bristol in June 2013 – after living in a Hostel for over 7 months.

Slightly reluctant to move to the area we are in, and really having no alternative – decorated the flat – had carpet fitted etc. (This is a Council Property, as the rent in Bristol is so high which is why we were in a Hostel too.)

July and August of 2013 was lovely and peaceful (no neighbour downstairs) – By September 2013 Neighbour from HELL arrived…with a 2 YR OLD CHILD..

September, October 2013 – Constant music from downstairs,smell /Stink of cannabis into my kitchen coming through my vent, from neighbours

Nov and Dec -2013 LOUD banging bass music coming from neighbours lounge, coming up into my flat, after midnight, and onwards – (No Soundproofing) cannabis into my lounge = VILE…

(Council emailed – Noise pollution attended – Police attended: multiple occasions.)

Jan, Feb and March 2014 – LOUD music in the day and night – Cannabis in my lounge, kitchen and now my daughter’s room!

( Council attend to neighbour’s flat) they were told off!! And a Noise Abatement Order served..Police attend (Multipule occasions)

April,May and June 2014 – Cannabis coming into my kitchen into my daughter’s room. My daughter is now sleeping in the Lounge to escape the music from the downstairs kitchen and cannabis smoked from neighbour.Slamming doors / Banging on my floor (their Ceiling)

(Emails, Calls to council, to 101 – emails to MP’s) A signed (voluntary agreement signed by neighbour not to play LOUD music or smoke, insisted by Council)

July,August,Sept 2014 – Cannabis smoked now from the their kitchen to their bedroom – this seeps through to my bedroom – wakes me up as i cannot breathe – stinks my room out and my clothes.
Abuse in my garden from shouting neighbour, to stones being thrown at my window at night to scare myself and my daughter. To cheering when we leave / slamming doors / shouting – banging on my floor (their ceiling)

( Further emails,calls to 101 to Bristol Council to MP for South Bristol)

Oct, Nov, Dec 2014 – Further Cannabis smoking into my bedroom and my lounge – impossible to escape this at night. Music being played to a point where it is just enough to keep me awake. this is all when i’m just about to go to bed!!

This is where we are today – The neighbours went to court on the 18th Dec on the understanding that they DO NOT smoke cannabis in or outside of the property – That they DO NOT play music to the point where it is heard outside. That the downstairs tenants!! attend a rehad for drug addiction..

They have breeched this on five occasions since the 18th Dec.

I am still battling on with this. I was told today by Karin Smyth’s – MP for South Bristol office – That most people give up and move!! or just give up.

I could choose to give up – But i do not have a choice in moving.

By writing my story I am hoping that this will bring to light Anti-Social Behaviour and the effects this can have on people – we should not live in fear and furthermore we do not have to put up with people that choose to create such misery to people’s life.

My Story still continues.



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