Emotionally Detached Housing Associations

Emotionally Detached Housing Associations

“The Housing Association will drag its feet as long as it can and pay lip service to wonderful policies it has put in place.” Anonymous of Caerphilly

This particular victim has suffered a catalogue of anti-social behaviour, all emanating from one house. The list includes: never ending loud music, shooting and killing of wildlife outside the house, aiming fireworks at houses, car deliberately vandalised by adults and children, threats of violence and actual violence, banging walls and doors, dog faeces through letterbox, cat and dog fouling of gardens and driveways, people staring through windows into the house, kids in garden destroying it, and never-ending rubbish being thrown into garden. Her family stopped visiting her and her children suffered greatly She has been suicidal and now has a psychological reaction to noise.

My moral compass has been compromised” she states. So what did this tormented victim do?  “I initially contacted the housing association who told me to contact the council regarding noise – it went back and forth forever. The HA will drag its feet as long as it can and pay lip service to wonderful policies it has put in place to demonstrate to the regulator and enquiring MPs how serious it is about firmly but fairly dealing with ASB. The upshot is that employees of HAs don’t care so long as they don’t have to live next door to them. Never ever trust a housing association to even entertain the thought of what it must be like to endure what you have to.”

She has started using CCTV to collect evidence which the Housing Association claims wouldn’t stand up in court. She is not giving up though and advises other victims to “start making videos, as long as you only video your own property, a public place or someone you reasonably believe is engaged in some nefarious activity you’re fine.” This victim has had a very bad experience with Housing Associations. Some are better than others in dealing effectively with anti-social behaviour. You can complain about your Housing Association – see our guidance here. See here for our guidance on the use of CCTV and other video equipment.


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