Not Sure what to do

Not Sure what to do

I am unsure how to deal with it as it will be there each time I get home. Anonymous of Wakefield

In spite of experiencing hammering all day and late at night, i.e. until 1am, hoovering at all times of the day until 1am, loud door slamming, both internal and external and done on purpose, this victim has not reported it. He heard from others in the area that it hadn’t achieved anything. Yet he is now officially depressed, lost a lot of weight, and has colitis. He is constantly on edge and not getting enough sleep.

“I am unsure how to deal with it as it will be there each time I get home.” He owns his home and sees moving as the only option. Yet the police would be quick to say no-one should have to move from their home because of anti-social behaviour.

ASB Help would say: we believe that until you try reporting it, you do not know what can be done. With new victim-focused legislation there are more options  available to agencies to tackle ASB and put victims first.

[Source: online survey]

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