Never Give Up Fighting

Never Give Up Fighting

“Never, never give up fighting. Previous neighbours from Hell who owned their property … took fifteen years, but we won.” Pepper

Pepper is familiar with anti-social behaviour. Currently he experiences noise nuisance in rented properties next door and at the back of their property. He has reported this to Environmental Health, Community Policing, the Landlord of the properties, and Social Services. He frequently suffers stress, doesn’t sleep properly and admits his temper is permanently on a short fuse.

Thanks to anti-social behaviour, Pepper doesn’t really enjoy being at home at weekends due to noise. Yet he has a message of hope: “Never, never give up fighting. However hard the going gets, fight till a result is gained. Previous neighbours from Hell who owned their property … took fifteen years, but we won.” 15 years sounds unbearable but Pepper knows if he got owners out of their house, then tenants should be much more straightforward. He will pester the local agencies involved until the fight is won again.

[Source: online survey]

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