Community Trigger works

Community Trigger works

During initial investigations and door to door enquiries made by partner agencies, most residents felt too intimidated or frightened to formally report incidents. Gloucestershire Council and Police

South Gloucestershire Council got a closure order on a property after receiving lots of complaints of anti-social behaviour (ASB) by a nuisance family. Residents activated the Community Trigger and it led to results. Large group of youths gathered in and outside the house. There was verbal and homophobic abuse towards other residents, criminal damage including smashing residents’ windows, and people riding motorbikes aggressively at other road users and not wearing helmets.

The closure order meant the family had to leave the property immediately and it would remain closed for three months. Residents complained to the police and council about the problems when they started to get really bad. During initial investigations and door to door enquiries made by partner agencies, most residents felt too intimidated or frightened to formally report incidents.

Council officers and police worked closely together to encourage people come forward. Yet it was when one resident made an application to activate the Community Trigger on behalf of a group that things really started happening. A review was carried out which found increased levels of ASB were having a huge negative impact on the lives of victims and the community.

Cllr Claire Young, chair of the Communities Committee, said: “Taking action to have a property closed and the tenants removed is very much seen as a last resort by this authority and our partners in the police. However, we feel strongly that this was a necessary step given the amount of anti-social behaviour taking place at this address which was having a detrimental effect on victims and the wider community. Neighbourhood Inspector Adrian Fallows from Avon & Somerset Constabulary expressed how it “demonstrates that working closely with all the partners involved, and with the support of the community, that we can tackle these important issues and improve people’s quality of life.” [Source: ]


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