Effective Support for Anti-Social Behaviour Victims

Effective Support for Anti-Social Behaviour Victims

Today we are launching a new report looking at Victim Support’s work with the victims of anti-social behaviour. ASB Help Report Effective Support November 2014

The aim of this research was to establish the availability of Victim Support services across the country and to gain an understanding of the nature of the support available.

We found:

  • Only 23% of the population in England and Wales have access to specialist Victim Support anti-social behaviour services.
  • The characteristics of the support available vary greatly from place to place in funding, scope, and profile.
  • An independent point of contact – as used in the ‘ASB Champion’ service model – is of huge value to victims of anti-social behaviour in reducing the complexities of getting help.

Our recommendations include:

  • Priority in commissioning for victims of anti-social behaviour should be given to specific victim-focused support, preferably independent of the local or statutory authorities.
  • Increased sharing of best-practice both within and between local authorities.
  • Increased sharing of best-practice between Police and Crime Commissioners following their local consultations.
  • Victims who activate the Community Trigger should be automatically referred to Victim Support for support, advice and advocacy (as currently happens with victims of crime).
  • Greater support made available for victims whose case goes through the civil courts.
  • The introduction of a national minimum standard for anti-social behaviour support.
  • More accessible information for victims about reporting anti-social behaviour and how to get help.

Established in 2013, ASB Help’s remit is to help and advise victims of anti-social behaviour wherever they may be in England and Wales, primarily through informing them and signposting them to the appropriate local agency to help them deal with the problem they are experiencing. If you have any questions about the attached report please contact us.


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