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Never give up!

Never give up and stand up to the people that make your life hell. Angela, Cambridgeshire

Renting privately, Angela found her life turned into a nightmare when anti-social neighbours decided to hold late night parties. There was banging on Angela’s bedroom walls, constant slamming of doors, shouting, running up and down the stairs and name calling. Angela’s son has special needs and it was so bad he became scared of going to bed. It was a constant nightmare because the family would be woken at all hours by constant bashing on their walls.

Angela reported the problems to the police and Local Authority and within a year of reporting it the problem was resolved … by eviction of the tenants leaving an empty house! Prior to this, however, was 3 years where she tried to cope with the behaviour and go round to the house and ask them to stop. “Never give up and stand up to the people that make your life hell”, Angela advises victims.

We advise you to report earlier rather than later so the process of  stopping that anti-social behaviour can start as soon as possible.

[Source: online survey]

Unbearable fumes and chainsawing

“It has affected our marriage but we cannot afford to move. I have contemplated suicide as feel my life is worth nothing.” ‘Lisa’ in Wiltshire

‘Lisa’ and her husband own their house but have been subject to constant, unbearable anti-social behaviour in the past 4 years that has affected their health and their marriage. The neighbours have bonfires every day from 10am, burning painted and treated wood. The fumes are unbearable so ‘Lisa’ and her husband are unable to use their garden or have any windows open.

The neighbour is almost daily chainsawing less than 3 feet from their front door which goes on from 9am until 6pm and is almost continuous. They cannot hear their TV or open a window and it sounds like an earthquake in their house. This has been going on for nearly 4 years making their lives unbearable. Nothing has been done.

‘Lisa writes’ “I spend most of my my life in earplugs and my husband even bought me a set of ear defenders. I cry constantly and we would move but cannot afford to. We go out as often as possible just to get away from the noise and fumes, my husband is on anti depressants, I am in tears most of the time and my health has deteriorated considerably. We can not use our garden or open any windows , the noise is constant and unbearable. It has also affected our marriage but we cannot afford to move. I have contemplated suicide as feel my life is worth nothing.”

They tried to talk with their neighbour but he refused to speak to them. The police offered them mediation but they refused. They reported it to the local council and kept a log for 3 years, yet nothing was done. Is it any surprise she has considered suicide? [Source: online survey]