So it’s not a problem with noise?
You’re not suffering harassment or intimidation?
Anti-social behaviour includes more than just this.
The effects of anti-social behaviour can be all around you.
Litter, dog fouling, graffiti, …
These are called environmental offences
Do you own your home?
Do you rent privately, or from a Housing Association or the Council?
Landlords have a part to play with anti-social tenants and squatters.
We all suffer anti-social behaviour
I live near a pub or club.
Weekends are hell.
What are my rights?
Learn about Premises Licences.
Something else going on?
Report it to the Right Agency, the Right Way.
Our Act Now! Guide will help you.


There are many different types of anti-social behaviour.  Early intervention in most anti-social behaviour works. Report issues in your local area.  Agencies want to address them quickly before they get worse. They have legal tools to do that quickly.

There is a lot of behaviour that is caused by alcohol.  People who are drunk can behave anti-socially.  Disorder and alcohol often go hand in hand.  However, sometimes the behaviour does not involve alcohol.  Behaviour that causes disorder includes:

bullet    Disputes among neighbours
bullet    Rowdy or inconsiderate behaviour
bullet    Drinking alcohol in the streets
bullet    Substance misuse such as glue sniffing
bullet    Setting off fireworks in a dangerous way
bullet    Riding motorbikes on public footpaths
bullet    Vandalism and criminal damage

Follow our Act Now! Guide to find out the right way to report each of these. Sometimes the police is the appropriate agency (for example dangerous motorbike riding, vandalism) and our guide will indicate when you should call 999 and when you should call the non-emergency 101 number. For other situations, the council will be more appropriate (for example disputes between council tenants over boundaries).

Other Crime and Disorder

Report the following to the Police.  They are crimes but usually included within definitions of anti-social behaviour:

bullet    Gangs
bullet    Prostitution and premises being used for prostitution
bullet    Drug dealers on the streets or in local premises
bullet    Vehicle misuse such as revving car engines, racing, wheel spinning and horn sounding

Please note these are not comprehensive lists.

See here for Environmental Offences such as fly-tipping, dog-fouling and litter.

For a printer-friendly version of this information see here: Other Anti-Social behaviour

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