Graffiti, vandalism and fly-tipping do damage to your neighbourhood. They are environmental offences.
All of these must be reported to the local authority. Local authorities want to make the place you live more pleasant.

Do not just accept that there is graffiti in your neighbourhood or litter thrown around everywhere or dog poo in the middle of the street!  Do not accept that vandalism is normal.  If you ignore them, they can lead a 'broken windows effect' - this can lead to more vandalism and even serious crime.

With graffiti, vandalism, litter and other similar offences, agencies can use restorative action with the offenders. This basically means the people who did the graffiti, litter etc. have to clear up the mess!

The main issues are:

bullet      Graffiti
bullet      Vandalism (to vehicles and property)
bullet      Fly-tipping, fly-dumping and fly-grazing
bullet      Fly-posting
bullet      Unpleasant smells
bullet      Trespassing
bullet      Litter
bullet      Storing rubbish in gardens/untidy gardens
bullet      Dog fouling
bullet      Discarded syringes and condoms
bullet      Abandoned vehicles<
bullet      Obstruction on the road
bullet      Blocked driveways
bullet      Excessive vehicle repairs and maintenance carried out in gardens
bullet      Rogue landlords

Our 'Act Now!' Interactive Guide will guide you in how to contact your Local Authority depending on which of these types of anti-social behaviour you are suffering from.

Don't suffer in silence.

Learn more about Landlords and their role in stopping anti-social behaviour here.

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