ASB Help is a new charity that seeks to provide accurate, up-to-date information and advice and to constantly improve the content of our website and service we provide.  If there is anything you think is missing, we would love to hear from you.

If you have activated the Community Trigger (also known as the ASB Case Review) we would LOVE to hear from you about how you found the whole process as we are keen to gather together independent information in the first years of the Community Trigger to see how effective it is. Please email

If you are from an agency and have a particular initiative that you think we should know about please contact us.  We are always keen to showcase good work to help victims of anti-social behaviour.

If you have a suggestion or correction, please email:  For Press enquiries please email:

If you are reading this on behalf of a victim of anti-social behaviour who does not have access to the Internet, we can send through printed copies of relevant pages to them.  Please email with the person’s contact details so that we can get in touch and find out what information would be useful to them.

You can write to us at:
ASB Help
PO Box 699

As a small charity that gives information and advice through our website, we are not able to support victims in the detailed specifics of their case.  We can signpost you to the right organisation and advise you in the approach to take with them, but where there is a complaint against the approach an individual agency has taken, we cannot get involved.  Our focus is to advise you on how to report anti-social behaviour and as part of this, how you can complain about an agency or an official through the correct channels, including activating the Community Trigger if appropriate.

We do collect data from respondents of our survey and over time expect to build up a picture of potential problem areas in the country, but we do not currently have the resources to go through the complexities of individual cases with victims.  If you are a victim and are looking for some practical help and support we would recommend contacting your local Victim Support office ( or Citizen’s Advice Bureau ( Please complete our survey to ensure your personal experience of reporting anti-social behaviour is registered within our database to give victims of ASB a louder voice.

Promotional Literature
We have two types of literature which might interest agencies in alerting potential victims of anti-social behaviour to the resources on our website – a business card and an electronic poster which you can also print for display.  Please feel free to download and use the poster below and email us if you would like some business cards sending.

ASB Help Business Card

ASB Help poster