ASB Help is a registered charity in England and Wales set up to provide advice and support to victims of anti-social behaviour.

Baroness Newlove, Victims Commissioner gave the following endorsement on 18 December 2013:

“Anti-social behaviour has a devastating impact on lives and communities. No one should have to suffer its consequences in silence but unfortunately there are still so many people who are doing just that.  In my work, I am contacted by so many people who simply don’t know where to begin in getting the help and support they need to address their suffering – so I am delighted that ASB Help has launched this service to help equip victims in the fight against anti-social behaviour.”              

This website is dedicated to the memory of Fiona Pilkington from Leicester who in 2007 killed herself and her 18 year old disabled daughter Francecca after Leicester Police failed to investigate her 33 complaints to them about harassment.

Fiona Pilkington and daughter Francecca

Fiona Pilkington and daughter Francecca

The jury at the inquest into her death 2 years later ruled that Fiona and her family had been failed by the local councils in the area as well as the police and that those failings had contributed to her death.

Fiona Pilkington’s experience is not an isolated case and given the number of suspected cases of unreported crime and anti-social behaviour, there could be many vulnerable people whose lives are being blighted by persistent anti-social behaviour and who do not know where to turn, are too scared to formally report it, or suspect reporting it will not make any difference or could even make things worse.

ASB Help aims to provide information and advice to interested parties and members of the public involved with and suffering from anti-social behaviour. Following such high profile cases of vulnerable victims who did not receive any help from the authorities, we believe there is a clear need for coordinated information and advice which is readily accessible to those who need it.

We plan to do this initially through launching this informative website particularly focusing on equipping victims of anti-social behaviour with the necessary tools to effectively report it.

Secondly we plan to build up a database of information from visitors to the website on how effective they have found their local authorities and police to be in responding to reports of ASB. This will be populated by our online survey and has the potential to give us a thorough understanding of good and bad examples in this field and which ultimately our visitors and people working in the sector may find useful to see.

We hope later developments will include a helpline at the appropriate moment, suggestions and potential support for what victims in poorly responsive areas can do, and political lobbying as our profile, experience and knowledge in the field increase.

ASB Help was registered as a charity in 2013 and is funded wholly and exclusively by a private sponsor. We seek to bring in private sector expertise to the field and are completely independent of all governmental authorities. ASB Help is run on a shoestring budget and we have no idea how big or small the response is going to be, both in terms of the public using our service to seek relevant information and advice, and in using the opportunity to report good and bad experiences of reporting anti-social behaviour through our online survey.

As we grow and understand more about the needs, we seek to tailor our response accordingly. As such, we welcome any feedback to ensure our website is up-to-date and appropriate in all areas of anti-social behaviour.

The CEO of ASB Help is Jenny Herrera, a chartered accountant who specialised in auditing public sector bodies when training at PricewaterhouseCoopers so has seen some of the inside workings of local government, housing associations, and NHS bodies. Following completion of her training, she has worked in the charity sector, both overseas and more recently as the Executive Director of Acts 435, a cost-effective online giving charity which works through local churches and charities to provide financial help for individuals in need in the UK.

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